World’s species and tropical rainforests

Equator is an imaginary line cutting the Earth into near half's. And it is at/around the equator we find the tropical rainforests and it is almost always warm and wet over there. The most commonly known to us is the Amazon Rain Forest.Warm and Wet, this is a condition required for a lush of plants … Continue reading World’s species and tropical rainforests


Environment: Ambient Air & Water Pollution

Measuring both, ambient air conditions, effluent discharge to river bodies is critically important. Industrial pollution mainly consists of Sox,Nox,CO & SPM as air pollutants and measurement of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand) as critical in terms of water quality measurement.These days almost all countries have pollution Control Boards,whose sole task is to keep … Continue reading Environment: Ambient Air & Water Pollution